Exsys EX-48100 - PCI Express to mini PCIe adapter card

Exsys EX-48100 - PCI Express to mini PCIe adapter card

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The EX-48100 PCI-Express to mini PCIe adapter card provides a 52-pin mini PCIe female connector for a desktop PC with PCI-Express slots. It is an ideal solution to share all mini PCIe cards with your desktop PC. The EX-48100 don’t need drivers. The card is fully PCI Plug-and-Play compatible and there are no IRQ and I/O address configuration problems.

· Full x1 PCI Express Throughput, 250 or 500MBytes/sed.
· Fully Compliant with PCI Express Base Specifications Rev. 1.0a to 2.1
· Supports Standard and Low Profile From Factors
· Provides 1 x 52-pin mini PCI Express female connector
· Supports 1 USB Port for USB-based Cards
· Provides 2 mounting screws to fasten the mini PCIe Cards
· No Driver Required (it might need drivers for the mini PCIe card itself, but no need for this adapter card)
· Supports standard 2.00 x 1.18 inch mini PCIe cards

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