Exsys EX-3455 - Backup SATA 2 System Hardware RAID 0 and 1

Exsys EX-3455 - Backup SATA 2 System Hardware RAID 0 and 1

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The EX-3455 Hardware RAID controller is designed to easily upgrade their existing or
new system with a RAID 1 or 0. The installation it’s very easy. Both hard disk and the
Motherboard are connected to the EX-3455. In a existing operating system, the data
from the hard disk 0 are copy in the background automatically to the hard disk 1. In this time you can works normal. With a new installation from a operating system, the data are copy in the same time without loss of speed to the two hard drives. The EX-3455 can install in a 3.5 or 5.25-inch front bay or in one PCI-Express Slot. With the LowProfile bracket the EX-3455 you can use also in a small computer case with a maximal high of 8cm. The EX-3455 don't need driver or software and can use for all Operating system.

·  1-to-2 SATA 2 Hardware RAID 0/1 for two SATA 2 Hard Drives
·  Support RAID 0, 1, LARGE and EZ-RAID 1 modes and set by DIP switches
·  RAID 1 supports Auto Re-build in Background
·  3.5 or 5.25-inch Bay Form Factor, easy to fit in normal or small PC Systems
·  Support over 2TB hard drives
·  LEDs to indicate the RAID and Drives status
·  Completed set of cables (SATA 2 and Power), incl. Standard and
   LowProfile Bracket
·  Can use for all Operating System


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